Raintree grows larger and larger every year. In the past ten years, a few men’s initiative Vihmapuu has grown into an international medium-sized company called Raintree Estonia, which currently employs 47 people.

Raintree consists of eight teams, who constantly develop Raintree further to ensure its sustainability in the ever-developing field of IT. Click the teams below to view how the teams have described their work themselves.


Our management's vision shapes Raintree Estonia's fate. However, instead of putting their feet up and watching the company's development from a distance, they write code, solve customers' issues or work on maintaining a pleasant work environment.


Our entire company's work relies on the infrastructure team. They keep their fingers on the pulse of the clients' work routine to maintain its flawless functioning, and develop software that makes the entire company's work more efficient.


The agent team works with the part of Raintree from which the first programmers started writing the software 30 years ago. They are our project writing, development and modernization agents.


The client team creates and combines Raintree's outer looks and inner functionalities. Together with the agent team they ensure that in addition to Raintree's good functionality it is also a software that is easy to use and nice to look at.

Business logic

Our business logicians create new solutions, which make Raintree better and better every day. Their elevated thoughts are realized right here in our office.

Billing and data exchange

The billing and data exchange team engineers ensure that the clients' billing and data exchange processes are always fast and accurate. They manage the part of Raintree that the U.S. hospitals use for billing and reporting.

Product maintenance and development

The product maintenance and development team is our link to the customers. They know exactly what the customers want and fulfill even the most demanding requests.

Testing and documentation

Testers try out other teams' creation and assess it toughly, but righteously. No false error prompt or daring bug can get away with them. Tech writers are our wordsmiths, who, unlike the rest of the crew, use common human languages in their work and write the user manuals.