Testing and documentation

As the name already says, the testing and documentation team consists of software testers and technical writers. The testers’ job is to work with the engineers, investigate and test the software’s new features or fixes in order to understand if and how they work, and how they meet the customers’ expectations. Not only is it important to check if the solutions work correctly, but also to understand if the initial problem was actually solved (in other words, if the solution is correct) and ensure that no bugs were unintentionally added during the process - when investigating these issues, the testers rely on their previous experience and ask a lot of questions.

Help texts and user manuals are the tech writers’ field of work. They work side by side with the engineers and testers in order to produce these materials. It is important to write down all of the hundreds of Raintree configuration options, settings and workflows correctly, so that the end users could find the answers themselves, instead of calling the customer service for help. In addition, user manuals are used during new user orientations as training materials.