Business logic

Raintree business logic team has the greatest power over the users. We get to decide if John can be born tomorrow or if he can suffer from hirsutism. Our finger moves define whether and how many times a user sees an error message. Due to us, mouse manufacturers go bankrupt, because it just takes so few clicks to use Raintree. Despite all that, we do not count the lines of code we have written, because van Gogh did not count his brush strokes. We believe that, above all, it takes the right mood and as few disturbers as possible - objects, arrays, tests, types, pointers, error management, standards and patterns - to write good code. Raintree business logicians are no fashionistas and they do not change their attitudes with the new hypes that come about. Our motto says “As VB was fine by our fathers; it is fine by us, too.” And, although we are all artists, we work together as five fingers, forming a solid fist.